3Day Workout Routine - for people with busy lifestyles!

If your short on time, a 3day workout routine can help. It's also different and can add some spice to your fitness goals. You will hit every muscle group when you train. For example, you will go to the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. For everyone of these days you will hit every muscle group. Lets begin!

Nutritional Plan

Like always, a good diet is essential for any fitness program. For this 3day workout routine, stick to a high protein diet. Have a good meal 45-60 minutes before you train and then another right after to properly aid in recovery. A Whey protein shake would also be good as it gets absorbed really fast.

If your goal is muscle mass, a gram of protein per pound of your body weight a day is a good rule to follow. If you are unfamiliar with protein and the purpose of it, or if you would like to learn more about supplements in general, visit weight training supplements to learn more.

Training Plan

Before you start each exercise, warm up with 50% of the weight you will do for about 3-6 repetitions. After which you do the "working set." Remember to give each exercise everything you got, since you will only be doing 1 working set of each one.

If you are unsure of an exercise, a simple Google search will show you what it is. Remember, you are working out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and you are doing all of the exercises below each day. You hit every muscle group in one day for three days spread out through the week,

  • Barbell Squats: 1 set of 8-12 repetitions
  • Leg Extensions: 1 set of 8-12 repetitions
  • Lying Leg Curls: 1 set of 8-12 repetitions
  • Standing Calf Raises: 1 Set of 25 repetitions
  • Dumbbell or EZ Bar Pullovers: 1 set of 8-12 repetitions
  • Military Press: 1 set of 8-12 repetitions
  • Seated Cable Rows: 1 set of 8-12 repetitions
  • Barbell Bench Press: 1 set of 8-12 repetitions
  • Straight Barbell Curls: 1 set of 8-12 repetitions
  • Seated Tricep Press: 1 set of 8-12 repetitions
  • Pullups: 1 set of 8-12 repetitions
  • Bench Dips: 1 set of 8-12 repetitions
  • Crunches: 1 set of 20-25 repititons

Some Tips

The main thing is to lift as heavy as possible for each exercise that allows for 8-12 repetitions. Do not sacrifice proper form and technique however. By the time you reach your last repetitions you should have reached complete failure/fatigue. This workout should not last longer than 1 hour max. This is a killer 3 day workout routine, but you will be thankful for the results.

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