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Hi! My name is Sal and I am a 21 year old NASM certified personal trainer, and this is my story!

It all started in High School, when my love for fitness started to sprout. I occasionally worked out with friends and enjoyed what came from it. It was fun, rewarding, and good for my health.

After High School I continued to train while I went to school and worked. I loved the results I was seeing. Watching my own body change and get stronger is amazing and such an awesome feeling. I mostly weight trained with friends, and sometimes by myself.

Over time, I learned a lot through hands on training and gained a lot of knowledge. I began to understand the importance and concepts behind every exercise and workout. I applied everything I learned over the years and helped my friends and family reach their goals as well. I had found my passion.

I asked myself, "How can I help others even more?" I stumbled upon SBI! and saw an excellent opportunity in front of me. I can help others through my very own website! I am now the proud owner of my very own website Elite-Weight-Training.com!

What SBI! Does...

Solo Build It! allows for normal people like you and I to build a website about something they know and love, and make money too! We all have a passion for something, and this is the best way to create an "e-business" from that same passion. The results can be amazing. (Here are some examples.)

Over 40,000 people have also decided to take the step into making their own e-business. I have decided to make my own weight training website, others have decided to make a website based off a wide variety of other topics as well. Take a look at what other Solo Build It! owners have done!

Solo Build It! is simply the best, and the results and proof are there to support it. I highly recommend Solo Build It! anyone that wants to build a website about their passion, and generate income at the same time. What are you waiting for, take action like I did.

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