The Best Bicep Workout - Feel The Burn, Get The Results

This is Elite Weight Training's best bicep workout. Like every workout, it is what you make it. You will see results if you put your mind to it and if you give your best effort every single time.

During this workout, rest in-between each set for 60-90 seconds. If you have a low cardiovascular level take 90-120 seconds but no more. You should never take more then 2 minutes in-between sets unless you are training for strength and power, which take longer rest periods.

The Routine!

Barbell Curl (Wide, Neutral, and Close): 3 sets of 21 repetitions.

We will explain. Set yourself up at a barbell curl rack.

First, warm up by curling the bar 15-20 times. Each set consists of 21 repetitions, 7 wide, 7 neutral, and 7 close grip.

Normally when you grip a barbell for bicep curls, you grip the bar at shoulder width apart, this is a neutral grip. However, we are starting with a wide grip. Instead of neutral grip grab the bar about 6 inches wider then you normally would with each hand. Complete 7 repetitions.

Immediately move to the neutral grip (shoulder width apart), and complete 7 more repetitions. Finally, grab the bar with a close grip and again complete 7 more repetitions.

You have completed you first set. This is a grueling exercise, so use the appropriate weight. For a beginner, you will probably just start with the bar. You will see why once you try this, IT IS HARD. Intermediate and advanced lifters will probably use 5-10 pounds on each side of the barbell.

Remember, NO CHEATING. Do not arch your back at any time, or use your momentum to swing the weight up. Strict form is the best form, and the only correct form. During the best bicep workout, along with every other workout, your success depends on your own discipline!


EZ Bar Preacher Curl: 4 sets to failure.

Use an appropriate weight each set so that you fail on your 8-12th repetition. If you are not sure what an EZ bar is, it's the bar with a swivel in it. If you are still unsure, just ask someone, people are friendly believe it or not.

Incline Curls: 3 sets to failure.

Get a free standing bench and incline it just like you would while doing incline press. While on the bench your back and head should remain against the bench at all times for proper form. Also, keep your elbows as close to your body at all times while curling.

Concentration Curls: 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

This exercise is meant to be slow and controlled. Proper form is essential for maximum results. Lengthen your arm all the way at the end of the moment and squeeze your bicep at top of the movement. This is perfect for finishing your workout.

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