Bodyweight Exercise - No Equipment Needed!

A bodyweight exercise is one that is performed with no equipment. For example, you don't need any dumbbells, barbells, kettle bells, benches, pulleys, bands, etc.

They are good for people who want to start off slow at home, or do not have access to equipment or a gym. They are also realistic because they replicate real life movements and application.

Below you will find the best bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere you like!


Even if you use dumbbells, barbells, and benches to train chest, super set your exercises with push ups!

Probably the best of all bodyweight exercises and the easiest to learn/perform. It will train your chest, your shoulders, and your arms. Surprisingly, it will also help your abs and your core because you have to balance yourself as well as keep your body straight which is done with help from your abs.

You can perform a regular push-up which is done by placing your hands on the ground shoulder width apart, or you can opt for a different position such as:

  • Push-ups with feet elevated
  • Push-ups with hands in close position (works triceps)
  • Push-ups with hands in wide position
  • Incline push-ups (hands elevated instead of feet
  • Plyo push-ups (clapping in between each push-up)
  • One arm push-ups


These are for your triceps. Normally they are done on a exercise bench, but you can use other things instead. You can perform these by using a chair, couch, or any other stable piece of furniture.

Stand in front of whatever you plan to use, and then turn around so its behind you. Please your hands on the edge of a chair for example, with your palms facing the chair. This is how you will hold yourself up. Place your feet extended in front of you. Lower yourself while holding yourself up with your hands until you feel your triceps being contracted. Raise yourself back up.

tricep dip
tricep dip

Handstand Push-Ups

This exercise is not east. It will train your shoulders and triceps. It is great however if you can learn how to do it. Having someone spot you the first time around is good idea. First start with your back against a stable wall, and then squat down and place your hands on the ground shoulder width apart.

Kick yourself up by throwing your feet up and catching yourself on the wall. Your arms should be full extended now that you are upside down, as well as your legs. It is key to keep your body straight throughout the movement.

Slowly lower yourself until your head almost reaches the ground. Remember to go slow to refrain from falling on your head and causing injury. Then, push yourself back up until arms are extended.


This is a great bodyweight exercise for your back, or more specifically your lats. All you need is something you can pull yourself up with, or even better, a pull up bar. A lot of stores sell pull up bars you can use in your home. They are cheap and very useful. Pull-ups are one of the best exercises you can do and it would be a great investment.

pull up

Bodyweight Squat

This is a simple yet effective way to train your legs. Simply place your hands behind your head and perform a squat. Always keep your back straight and your head up through out the movement. Your feet should be pointing forward. When you squat down your knees should not go inward, and neither should your toes. When your quads are parallel with the ground, or close to it, you can go back to starting position.


With or without dumbbells 

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